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1998.5-2002 DODGE RAM 5.9L CUMMINS

The 24-valve VP44 pump B Series Cummins debuted mid-1998 and continued through 2002. This 5.9L 24-valve Cummins were changed and updated with the VP44 injection pump to correspond with emission requirements. The VP44 was a mix of a rotary mechanical injection pump and electronics which basically means that timing and fueling could be precisely controlled and efficiently tuned for emissions. Even though the VP44 was the next evolutionary upgrade in injection pumps, it had its drawbacks and flaws. One of the detriments of the injection pump is how much it relies on the fuel transfer pump. If the transfer pump/lift pump fails or drops below 5psi of pressure for a substantial time, the VP44 pump will cavitate and will fail. Simply installing a Fass or Airdog lift pump can prevent VP44 pump failure. The Dodge truck itself had a few issues that need to be addressed such as the front suspension/steering issues. The y-style steering can create a death-wobble under acceleration which can be fatal in worst case scenarios. There are upgrades to swap the steering linkage over to a T-style which is much more reliable. The 98.5-02 trucks are equipped with a 47/48/rh/re transmission which are great transmissions, they are just built weak from the factory. An upgraded transmission rebuild kit or crate transmission and torque converter will make these transmissions near bulletproof. Also, the 98.5-02 Dodge truck could have been equipped with a NV4500 manual transmission.