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2013-2018 RAM 6.7L CUMMINS

The updated 4th generation 6.7L Common Rail Cummins debuted in 2013 and continued through 2017. This generation of Dodge Cummins trucks would be the highest emission regulated Dodge Cummins on the market to date. In 2013 Dodge first introduced Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) in addition to the multiple catalytic converters and resonators, Diesel Particulate Filter, EGR System, along with the most advanced RSA encrypted ECM Dodge has ever used.  This highly advanced RSA encrypted control module would create havoc in the tuning and aftermarket performance world for nearly three years my many companies tried to crack it. Most fell short, but there were a couple that were able to crack to code or work around the encryption which finally opened the doors for the performance market. The 13-16 6.7L Common Rail Cummins, like in earlier years, utilizes a high pressure injection system backed by a CP3 injection pump capable of 24,000+psi of fuel rail pressure. Cummins continued to use Bosch for injectors and continues to use the Holset HE351VE Variable Vein Turbo (VGT). The 13-16 6.7L 2500/3500 trucks opened up to another option for transmission. These trucks could come with a 68rfe six-speed transmission which had its faults over the years, or the truck could come equipped with an Aisin six-speed transmission that has been ran in the cab and chassis trucks since 2010. The G56 transmission is still the go to manual transmission for the 13-16 6.7L Cummins.