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The 7.3L Ford International IDI was introduced in 1988 and continued through to 1994. The 7.3L IDI took the place of its predecessor, the 6.9L IDI. The change to the 7.3L was due to updated emission purposes and meet the needs and growing demands of the performance market. The 7.3L IDI is an indirect injection (IDI) which uses a Stanadyne DB-2 injection pump. The earlier years (88-92) the 7.3L IDI’s were naturally aspirated and starting in 1993 there was an available option of having a Garrett turbocharger added to the motor. The 88-97 7.3L motors were all non-intercooled, Ford introduced the intercooler in 1999 to cool the charged air and increase the air density which would increase the horsepower potential. The peak horsepower and torque is 185hp/338lb-ft for the naturally aspirated motors and 190hp/388lb-ft for the turbocharged motors. The 88-89 Ford had the option of the ZF S5-47 5-speed manual transmission or the C6 3-speed which later by updated to the E4OD 4-speed transmission in 1989.